Fire consultant

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Authority Processing

We assist customers in managing the fire technical documentation and necessary permits related to construction. Our role is to handle the communication with the relevant authorities and assist in preparing and obtaining approval for the fire technical documentation. We also help with applying for building permits and obtaining the final approval for occupancy. The purpose is to make the entire process easier and more manageable for our customers.

This service can be crucial to ensure that the construction meets the applicable fire safety requirements and standards, and that it obtains the necessary approvals from the authorities. By taking care of the administrative tasks and acting as an intermediary with the authorities, we can help customers save time, avoid unnecessary delays, and ensure that all the required documents and permits are in order.

This is often a complex process, as there are many technical and regulatory details to consider regarding fire protection and building permits. Therefore, it is valuable to have experts in this field who can navigate these challenges and assist customers in meeting the requirements

Legislation, Requirements, and Guidelines 

We specialize in fire consultancy, ensuring that buildings comply with current legislation, requirements, and guidelines for fire safety. As fire consultants, we assist in establishing and designing fire strategies in construction projects to ensure that all fire safety requirements are met.

Our services also include practical fire consultancy, where we inspect the local conditions and maintain close communication with local authorities. We are capable of handling both small and large projects and can offer certified fire consultancy in fire class 2 (FC2).

Furthermore, we provide services at a competitive price and are open to providing non-binding offers for the task. Interested parties can always contact us to discuss their need for fire consultancy and receive a quote for our services.

Fire manual

The brand manual is an essential document that ensures all relevant aspects of fire safety are covered. It consists of two central elements: fire strategy and functional description.

Fire strategy:

Brand strategies document how the building's fire safety meets the requirements of the Building Regulations (BR18) and other relevant laws and regulations concerning fire safety. It is important to have a clear and detailed strategy for how to handle fire safety in the building from the beginning of the planning process.

Functional description:

The functional description is a detailed description of the requirements that apply to both active and passive fire safety measures. The active fire safety measures include fire technical installations, such as sprinkler systems or fire alarms, which actively respond to a fire. The passive fire safety measures refer to materials and constructions that are designed to prevent the spread of fire.

Supplemenented with fire plans:

Fire safety plans are additional documents that provide relevant fire technical information for the specific building. These plans help ensure that all relevant individuals, such as residents, employees, or visitors, are aware of the best actions to take in case of a fire and how to safely navigate out of the building.

This comprehensive approach to fire safety is essential for creating confidence and security in buildings and reducing the risk of injuries and losses in the event of a fire. By following these guidelines and documentations, one can minimize the risk of fires and contribute to faster and more effective interventions if a fire were to occur.

Fire strategy report

We offer and conduct a comprehensive fire strategy report that includes all necessary information about fire safety elements in construction. The report includes visualization of these elements on fire plans that can be presented in both 2D and 3D models. Our expertise covers both existing buildings and new construction.

We place extra emphasis on communication between different disciplines, such as the placement of fire walls and securing penetrations of installations through fire separations. This is important to ensure that all aspects of fire safety are effectively coordinated.

Our service also includes solutions for the operation and maintenance of building safety aspects. It is crucial to have tools and guidelines in place to maintain the necessary safety over time.

Our offering is aimed at customers who need a professional fire strategy that considers all aspects of building fire safety. This may include developers, property developers, architects, or contractors who want to ensure that fire safety meets all relevant standards and requirements.