Energy & Indoor climate

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Energy & Indoor climate

Energy Calculation 

We offer energy calculation services for new constructions and renovation projects. Energy calculations are crucial to ensure that the building's overall energy consumption complies with the prescribed heat loss limits. As energy consultants, we can help calculate the heat loss and ensure that the building's energy usage meets the necessary standards.

As professional engineering advisors, we provide competitive prices for our services and are willing to provide non-binding quotes for energy calculations to potential customers.

If you have specific questions you would like us to answer or if you need further clarification of our services, we are here to assist.

Pressure Testing and Energy Labeling 

Pressure Testing and Energy Labeling We also offer pressure testing and energy labeling for new constructions. Pressure testing and energy labeling are two important steps in connection with the completion of a newly built building to ensure that it meets energy requirements and is properly sealed and insulated.

Pressure Testing: This involves testing the building's air tightness by applying a specific pressure to the interior, usually using a fan, and then measuring any leaks. The results of the pressure test are used to assess the building's energy efficiency and identify potential areas where there may be heat loss or air leaks.

Energy Labeling: Energy labeling is an assessment of the building's energy efficiency based on its construction, insulation, heating, water, electricity installations, etc. It results in an energy label report that shows the building's energy class and provides recommendations on how energy consumption can be improved.

It is important to have these services performed correctly as it can have a significant impact on the building's long-term energy consumption and operating costs. It is also often a requirement from authorities to obtain permission for the building's occupancy.

It is important to mention that summerhouses are exempt from energy labeling.

We offer these services at a competitive price and are always ready to provide non-binding quotes for the task.