Quality Assurance and Control

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Quality Assurance & Operation and Maintenance 

We offer a range of digital services within quality assurance and construction management. Our digital quality assurance service ensures that we deliver high-quality work to the customer, so they don't have to worry about this aspect of the construction process. This can help ensure that construction projects are carried out efficiently and without unnecessary issues.

In addition, we also offer operation and maintenance guidance as a separate service. This means that we not only take care of quality assurance during construction but also provide customers with the necessary guidance to manage the operation and maintenance of the completed project. It is a valuable service as it can help customers preserve and extend the lifespan of their buildings or facilities.


We have expertise and experience in conducting independent inspections. We offer essential services within independent inspections, including static calculations and fire consultancy. For many construction projects, it is crucial to have an expert who can perform an independent inspection to ensure compliance with the relevant standards and regulations.

We offer these services at a competitive price and are ready to provide a non-binding quote for the task.