BIM-Architectual drawning 

"Together we build your future building"

Architectual drawning - sketcher - 3D-modellering

Our design studio offers services to both private and business customers. Our studio handles a wide range of tasks, providing design work for new construction, renovation, and extension projects. We offer assistance with outlining and designing projects, as well as preparing drawing materials in 2D and 3D required for regulatory approval and construction.

Our studio understands the importance of aligning expectations with customers, incorporating their desires and needs into the project, and ensuring that the construction is carried out in accordance with their specific wishes and expectations, as well as legal frameworks and regulations. We are highly educated professionals in the field of engineering and design, with extensive knowledge and expertise.

The studio also maintains a close collaboration with our partners, which helps us quickly and effectively address any challenges that may arise during the course of a project. This ensures a smoother process for the client.

Regarding the execution of the work, our studio has a good network of contractors, craftsmen, and other consultants with whom we cooperate. This network contributes to ensuring that projects are carried out quickly and efficiently without the client having to deal with cumbersome contact with suppliers.

Overall, we strive to meet our customers' wishes and needs to the best of our abilities. 


In extension of BIM (Building Information Modeling), we also work with the concept of ICT (Information, Communication, and Technology) within construction and renovation projects. ICT is a concept that encompasses various paradigms related to digital working methods, including ICT agreements and requirements.

An ICT agreement is a contract that describes how information exchange and technological aspects should be handled between different parties in a construction or renovation project. This can be between the public client (building owner) and the involved partners.

To gain optimal benefits from an ICT agreement, it is essential to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the requirements contained in the ICT regulations, whether you are a public client or one of the partners in the project.

We take pride in clarifying the desires and needs of our collaboration partners early in the projects. This contributes to incorporating relevant documentation both in the design phase, during execution, and in the operation of the building.

BIM-ICT helps us review the key points in the ICT agreement, ensuring that we extract the most significant value from the data stored in BIM models. BIM involves creating and managing digital models that contain information about the construction. This makes it easier to share, update, and collaborate on information across the project stakeholders.

Overall, our focus is on creating a well-structured and efficient working method that considers the digital advancements within construction and renovation projects, which can contribute to improving processes and the outcome of our clients' projects.


BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a digitization method used in the construction process to create an integrated and coherent digital model of a building structure. It includes both a model and a working method that enables a holistic approach to planning, designing, and constructing buildings.

By actively using BIM models in the design and construction process, several benefits can be achieved. Here are some of the key advantages of implementing BIM:

Improved collaboration: BIM enables more efficient communication and collaboration among different stakeholders in the construction process, such as architects, engineers, contractors, and clients. Everyone works with the same central model, reducing the risk of errors and misunderstandings.

Increased quality and precision: Working with a comprehensive digital model allows the identification and resolution of issues at an early stage. This can lead to fewer errors and unforeseen challenges during the construction process, resulting in a better outcome.

Cost savings: BIM can help reduce waste and optimize materials and resources, providing better cost estimation and control during construction.

Better time management: BIM provides a better understanding of the construction process's timeline. By simulating and visualizing the entire process, potential bottlenecks and delays can be anticipated before they become problems.

Improved operation and maintenance: Once the building is completed, the BIM model can still be used to support its operation and maintenance. This allows for more efficient management of future changes and repairs.

By incorporating BIM as an integral part of our company's core area, our architecture firm possesses the necessary competencies to deliver digital construction and take advantage of the BIM method. For clients and collaborators, this can mean a more transparent, efficient, and value-creating construction process.

New construction

We offer professional engineering and construction consultancy services to those who wish to build their dream homes or other types of buildings. Our focus is to assist customers in adding their personal touch to their future homes and delivering the desired solutions. As advisors, we have comprehensive knowledge of the construction industry and the applicable regulations, which enables us to guide customers throughout the entire process, including design, construction, finance, building permit application, inspections, and commissioning.

Our expertise spans various types of buildings, including single-family houses, vacation homes, multi-story buildings, and commercial structures. We are ready to tailor results that meet customers' desires and needs, all in compliance with relevant standards. Our services are competitively priced, and we are willing to provide non-binding offers for projects.

We are committed to helping our customers realize their construction projects and create the homes or buildings they have always dreamed of. Our extensive knowledge and experience in the construction industry make us reliable partners for those seeking professional advice and assistance for their building projects.

Renovation and Extension construction 

We offer professional advice and assistance for renovating or expanding homes based on our customers' personal preferences. As engineering consultants or building experts, we can provide both design materials and fire safety strategies for renovation and extension projects, whether for private or commercial clients. Our services are competitively priced, and we are open to providing non-binding quotes for tasks.

This offer is likely to be of interest to people who wish to transform their current residence into their dream home through renovation or expansion. With our help, customers can achieve their desired solutions and tailor their homes to their personal taste.