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Your professional and impartial building expert 

At Majileikwa Engineering, we offer building technical consulting and assistance in various areas of construction projects. Our expertise includes new construction, demolition, renovation, remodeling, and extension of residential and commercial buildings. We provide help with various challenges, including condition reports, settlement damages, and other professional advisory services.

Our expertise covers the following areas:

  • New Construction: We can provide guidance during the design phase and expertise in the construction of new buildings. 
  • Cracks in Buildings: We can help investigate the causes of cracks in buildings and provide advice on potential solutions. 
  • Review of Condition Reports: If you have purchased a property and the condition report does not cover all aspects, we can review the report and provide further insights. 
  • Rearrangement of Objects in Buildings: We can assess the possibility of changing the placement of objects or elements within the building.
  • Structural Assessment for Renovation and Extension: During renovation and extension, it is important to ensure that the building's structure and load-bearing capacity are sufficient. We can conduct a structural assessment to ensure that the additions are safe and durable. 
  • Fire Safety Consulting for Renovation and Extension: Safety in relation to fire is crucial during renovation and extension. We can provide advice on fire protection and prevention. 
  • House Remodeling with and without Building Permit Application: We can assist in planning and carrying out renovations, either with or without the need for a building permit application. 
  • Home Extensions and Building Permit Application: If you want to add extra rooms or space to your home, we can help with both planning and building permit applications.

If you need professional and impartial assistance in these areas, we are available to help you.

We offer a service at a competitive price and are willing to provide a non-binding quote for the task.