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Majileikwa Engineering (ME) is a dynamic and modern consulting engineering firm specializing in executing high-quality projects. As a highly educated engineering consulting company, ME works closely with clients to ensure that their needs, desires, and interests are met.

ME offers a wide range of comprehensive solutions in the field of engineering and is dedicated to delivering projects with great professional competence and full commitment. Our expertise includes various areas such as architectural drawings and 3D modeling, construction management and supervision, client advisory, building inspections, fire safety consulting, permitting processes, new construction, renovations, remodeling and extensions, design and bidding, structural calculations, energy and indoor climate optimization, quality assurance, as well as operation and maintenance.

ME serves both private and commercial clients, and our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer. Whether it involves constructing a new building, renovating existing structures, or advising on fire safety and energy efficiency, ME always strives to deliver high-quality results and meet their customers' expectations.

The company also emphasizes employee satisfaction, offering workshops and lectures to various companies. By sharing my personal experiences as a former employee and other relevant stories, I can create an authentic and inspiring narrative that will resonate with the participants in the lecture

We are highly dedicated to providing high-quality customer advisory services and being a reliable partner. We focus on understanding the needs and desires of our customers to ensure satisfactory problem-solving solutions. Additionally, we prioritize reducing costs and environmental impact throughout the project's duration, reflecting a responsible approach to our work.

We engage in the entire project lifecycle and ensure that customers receive the necessary guidance for their projects. By keeping a close eye on the project's financial boundaries, we ensure that customers do not experience unpleasant surprises and that the project remains viable and achievable. Our commitment and desire are to create value for our customers.

Akari Locco Loliha Majileikwa

Founder & CEO

Cand.Tech. Civil engineering in Construction Management

BIM Coordinator

Fire consultant

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